Google’s New Enhanced Campaigns – What are the Pros and Cons?

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to simplify your current marketing strategy? Google has a brand new Enhanced Campaign that may be able to manage performance. The campaign is relatively new, yet it has helped many advertisers target prospective clients at more convenient times, at the right location, and with an appropriate call to action. While these new changes may be optimal for some users, it does come with both advantages and disadvantages.

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The new campaign offers a new way to streamline various devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. After noticing the positive results, advertisers became interested in shifting from desktop campaigns to a growing platform.

What Are The Pros Of Enhanced Campaigns Offered By Google?

Some of the features of the new campaigns may be easy to recognize at first glance; however, some of them may not be noticeable until you start to use the new platform.

Here are a few key differences:

  • You no longer need to manage your campaigns for three devices at any time.
  • You can now use more advanced PPC managers with improved performance through a much easier method of tracking your links on high-click advertisements.
  • More bid flexibility is offered, and now bids can be specified towards specific locations.
  • Scheduling flexibility. You can easily schedule links according to a specific time of day or night. You can even assign specific links on mobile devices.
  • Your ad call extensions are now accessible if you have a Google forwarding number for your desktop and tablet devices.

Cons Of The New Enhanced Campaigns

With every good thing comes some bad, and Google’s new campaign is no exception.
Here are a few things you may want to think about before deciding to go with Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns.

  • It’s a bit time-consuming! If you want to get a closer look at your individual campaigns, you could be in for a long night. Reporting by the device isn’t something that’s calculated easily or quickly.
  • There are many simultaneous enhancements to the visibility. If you’re planning on working on a campaign individually, then think again! You must work on various campaigns equally.
  • Additional restructuring. It’s important that when you’re restructuring your campaign, you take mobile users into account.
  • Importance of managing money affairs. The vital part of the new campaign is to work on the appearance and the user experience rather than marketing budgets for each device.

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