How Alt Tags Can Affect Your Current SEO Campaign


Have you checked your website to see if all your images currently have relevant ALT tags? Optimizing your website or landing pages is a great way to generate organic leads. What are organic leads? Organic leads are leads generated through organic search traffic. This is website traffic you get naturally through high search ranking or links to your content. Paid traffic is the traffic you receive from paying for your ads to show on Google, Bing, Facebook, and so on.

SEO Tips

One of the most important areas of good SEO is ensuring that images on your website have proper “Alt” tags. These tags allow search engines better understand the relevancy of the images on your page. Providing a short description will help you move up in search engine positions.

What is Alt Text?

Alt text is meant to be an alternative information source for those people who have chosen to disable images in their browsers and those user agents that are unable to “see” the images. It should describe what the image is about and get those visitors interested to see it.

Alt attributes are only part of the accessibility picture, but they can help and hurt. Write short, descriptive alt attributes for images that assist consumers in understanding what the page is about and how to complete their desired actions. In doing so, you’ll also optimize for SEO without worrying about stuffing too much content or too many keywords into each one.

Watch this short video about ALT tags we have posted on YouTube.

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