Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification Attorney Marketing Experts

Looking to grow your practice with highly targeted foreclosure defense and loan modification leads?

We generate the best foreclosure defense and loan modification leads available today. Over 85% of our leads are generated via search engine marketing. Historically search leads have produced the highest quality leads with high contact and closing ratios.

We market our highly informative web properties to homeowners facing foreclosure or behind on their mortgage. Our current buyers close 11-14% of leads purchased. Do the math and you will find many net a 600% return on their investment. We place a strong focus on compliance and assure every website and marketing campaign is in line with FTC and TCPA marketing regulations.

How Do You Buy Our Leads?

Joining our network of leads buyers is easy. But, we don’t accept everyone. We only sell to 100% compliant companies or law firms. We take compliance very serious. If this sounds like you then keep reading.

Option #1

If your sales team needs more than 10 leads per day please call a dedicated account rep directly at (888) 871-3668. This option allows you to purchase online leads or live calls.

Option #2

We created an easy do it yourself order system for smaller companies or firms. This system allows you to receive our online leads only, but you have less commitment. You simply add $400 to your account and we will deliver 10 high quality leads. Leads for this system can only be delivered via email. You can specify how fast you want to receive your leads, however; delivery speed is based on how many locations you select.

Click Here to Get More Details on our Self Serve System

Live Calls Or Online Leads?

We produce both. When a homeowner submits an online request it is delivered to you immediately. All our leads are exclusive and never resold. These leads can be delivered to you in any format.

Live calls refer to homeowners which decide to call in directly instead of filling out an online form. When a homeowner calls our toll free number it will be routed to a phone number you provide, but only if the area code matches your delivery filters.

Available Data Fields

Loan Modification and Foreclosure Defense Leads contain the following minimum information, speak with one of our account executives about additional fields specific to your needs.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • State
  • Mortgage Balance
  • Home Value
  • Mortgage Lates
  • Lender
  • Credit Grade

Can You Return a Bad LEad?

Each lead we generated passes through a detailed verification process. If you buy a loan modification lead and the phone number is incorrect or disconnected then we will replace that lead.

What States Do You Provide Leads In?

We provide leads in all 50 states.

Lead Delivery

Our development team is experienced with all current CRM & intake systems. We can have your leads delivered in real-time to any system that accepts incoming requests. Some of the more popular systems are Leads360, Salesforce, Velocify, Sales Exec and many more. If you choose, we also provide email delivery and or our in-house lead management system. All aged leads are delivered in either spreadsheet or MySql.