Finding a good source for credit repair leads is essential to your business. Honestly, good credit repair leads are hard to generate. Historically these leads have lower contact rates and consumers are wary of credit repair programs. By using our well-designed web properties we are able to create highly targeted credit repair leads.

How We Do It

Our credit repair lead generation is built on transparency. We focus on the front end and explain the process to the consumer in great detail. This eliminates many of the consumers’ doubts and results in a more qualified prospect. We use in-depth analysis and data to target consumers in need of credit repair. For instance, the average credit score is 642 in Mississippi all the way to 702 in Minnesota.

Data or Live Calls

Most lead buyers want a live prospect on the phone. This increases your chances of enrollment and cuts down on lead management cost. However; good credit repair data can be very profitable if your organization has the tools for outbound marketing. Don’t know which is best for you? Just call our team to discuss your options.

Real-Time Lead Delivery

We are experienced with all current CRM systems. We can have your credit repair leads delivered in real-time to any system that accepts incoming requests. Some of the more popular systems are Leads360, Salesforce, LeadExec and many more. If you choose, we can also email leads directly to you.